Rose Rosette is a viral disease of roses that is transmitted by the eriophyid mite or by grafting. This disease was first described in the early 1940s and it has emerged as one of the most devastating diseases of roses.

  • Common on the wild multiflora rose
  • Most rose species and cultivars are susceptible
  • Infected rose plants often die within a few years
  • Roses are the only plants known to be susceptible to this disease


  • Witches’ brooms or clustering of small branches
  • Small distorted leaf growth
  • Leaf reddening
  • Excessive thorn production (Unusually soft and pliable red or green thorns)
  • Thickened stems
  • Rapid stem elongation

Rose Chat Blog Talk Radio: Rose Rosette Disease
July 21, 2012
Guest: Kassie Connor, Plant Pathologist
Kassie shared the history of this disease and details on detection and how to manage this disease in your garden.

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